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This page is designed to help you use the site. If I've missed anything you were wondering about, or if you are finding something difficult to use or understand, please do contact me with details so I can improve my website.


Unvisited links are [orange]; visited links are [blue]. The links are different colours so you can work out what you've seen, and what you've yet to discover. This is useful if, for example, you are working through the links in the site footer.

I find it annoying when I click on a link and a window unexpectedly opens, or I am taken off to another site without warning, thus my site has been designed so you'll know exactly what will happen when you click on links:

How the external link icon works Clicking on a link preceding this icon - External link icon works - will open an external website in a new window (or a new tab if you have set this in your browser preferences).  This is so you have the option of switching back to my website when you have finished looking at the external one, or continuing on my website now and then looking at the external one later.

• Live usage example: Go to an external site for CLAS consultants

Clicking on a link that isn't followed by the above icon will open content from this site in the current window.

• Live usage example: Open my Information Assurance client feedback page in this window

Subscribing to my articles (blog)

About RSS feeds

RSS (believed by many to stand for "Really Simple Syndication", rather than it's actual name: "RDF Site Summary"), provides you with the ability to be updated automatically when there are changes to a webpage.  In the context of my website, RSS will enable you to find out about new articles to read, or new comments made on existing blog posts, without having to regularly come back to my blog to check.  There are various ways you can subscribe to an RSS feed - most browsers have a means to do so, although some may call them "Live Bookmarks" or similar, rather than "feeds".

There are also various types of feed readers and lots of public services available that will maintain your RSS feeds for you. Moreover, there a few different types of RSS feed, and there are also other syndications such as "Atom". This website offers both RSS and Atom feeds.  The good news is you usually don't need to worry about the types, because your browser (or email application, or other reader, depending on your system settings) will most likely select one for you.

If you are comfortable with RSS and how it works (most browsers and readers have very good help on the subject), you can use it to watch out for changes to this site.  Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use another mechanism, I also offer subscription by e-mail (see below).

Blog Article Feeds

You can subscribe to my articles (blog posts) in several ways:

  • Newsfeed icon
    All posts [RSS]
    (you'll receive an update whenever I post a new article to my blog)
  • Newsfeed icon
    All posts [Email]
    (as above, but you subscribe to my list server, which sends you an email every time there is a new article to view)

The above subscriptions do not apply to comments - if you'd like to receive those, see the feed options to the right.

Comment Feeds

You can also subscribe to a feed so you are notified when someone has commented on an article:

  • Newsfeed icon
    All comments on all posts [RSS]
    (you'll receive an update whenever a new comment appears anywhere on my blog)
  • Newsfeed icon
    Comments on this post only [RSS]
    (the easiest way to subscribe to comments only on a particular article is to click through to the article, and then scroll down to the bottom of the article page, where you'll find the familiar orange RSS icons)

I do not currently offer an email-based subscription option for following comments, but please contact me if you would prefer to receive discussion updates via email, and I will put it in place if there is enough interest. In case you missed them, there are also separate feed and email subscription options for blog posts to the left.

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"I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter for work on any Government IT programme requiring accreditation. He was knowledgeable on all aspects of Information Assurance." — Pan Government Accreditor

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