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Peter Bance is available to provide press and other media agencies with expert advice and opinion on all kinds of IT security topics (AKA Information Security, InfoSec, Information Assurance, etc.) that may come into the public spotlight, including the emerging issue of Cyber Security. Quick-thinking and confident in person, he has a clear speaking voice without regional accent, and can also produce copy to a tight schedule. [Skip to Availability]

Contact Peter for:

  • News and magazine articles
  • Proof reading technical copy for accuracy/clarity
  • Technical comment on current security issues
  • Advice on how UK Government security works
  • Independent advice for editors on the potential impact (or otherwise) of individual, security-related news items
  • Common-sense analysis of news stories and media/public reaction
  • Etc.

If you have come to this page because you are looking for someone to help with another aspect of writing, please note that we are also happy to work with advertising agencies, retailers and specialist technical publishing houses, etc. We can help with:

  • Books and film scripts – fictional and factual
  • Trade, technical and academic journals
  • Business publications
  • Websites and other online content


Tell us what you need – Peter can talk to other technical specialists, or provide easily-digested, down-to-earth comments devoid of techno-babble for the layperson. Or anything in between. Just let us know your ‘house style’.


Peter Bance has been working on the Internet since the commercial bans were lifted in the 1990s and has over a decade of experience specifically in Information Security. Peter has worked within the military, banking industry, corporates, UK Government, and he has even advised a small country how to join NATO!

He has excellent spoken and written English, including good spelling and good grammar.

Remember, the key to good security is not to advertise problems while you are fixing them! If you have just heard about a new issue, chances are that Peter has known about it for some time!


  • First Class BSc (Hons) Computer Science, University of Portsmouth, 1995
  • CESG-Listed Adviser Scheme (CLAS) Consultant, since 2001
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
  • Fellow of The British Computer Society (FBCS)
  • Full member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (M.Inst.ISP)

Media Availability

Peter Bance is currently unavailable for radio and television media comment, however copy of 500 words and under can usually be produced within three days.


Please email Peter with details of your requirements and you should receive a decisive response within one hour.

Contact me now to discuss your consultancy needs
"I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter for work on any Government IT programme requiring accreditation. He was knowledgeable on all aspects of Information Assurance." — Pan Government Accreditor

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