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Rather than offer the same education packages to all clients, I will completely personalise the instruction and method of delivery to your staff and the results you want to achieve.

People learn in different ways – some are well-suited to teach themselves with resources they may have at their disposal, whereas others prefer to be able to discuss their ideas in a group. There are people who can take information from lectures on different topics and adapt it to their own situation, and there are those who are happiest when being mentored. Of course, this is a very simplistic breakdown of methods in education. In reality, we are all complex individuals who like to learn different things in different ways. More importantly, there may be some approaches that we would not like at all.

I can deliver security education, training and awareness sessions in a variety of different ways to suit your needs. Some examples of different approaches and formats are below, but if you have something different in mind, please contact me to discuss your ideas further.

Information Assurance Lectures

If you have a large audience that needs to be made aware of a particular topic, or perhaps brought up to speed with a specific concern, a formal lecture may be the best approach for you. This format is highly suitable for high-level introductions to Information Assurance or coverage of individual topics (e.g. Risk Assessment, wireless security, hacktivism, etc.). Generally, lecture arrangements will not lend themselves to a high level of interactivity, but I can cover any Information Security topic in an engaging way, and depending on the subject matter can present hands-on demonstrations of key technical points.

The speed and depth of delivery will be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of the audience.

Information Security Seminars

In a less formal environment, it is possible to cover topics in more depth and in a more interactive way. I can provide seminar/workshop sessions covering any topic of relevance to the audience, acting as a facilitator to guide discussion, a mentor to encourage exploration of the subject area, or as a leader imparting knowledge in a more interactive way than the typical lecture. In such an environment, it is easier to adapt the speed and depth of delivery to adapt the needs of the attendees, since seminar groups will tend to be smaller.

As always, I can provide custom material to support all such sessions.

Cyber Security Seminars

The style and format of these seminars is as for the Information Security seminars, above, but they are intended to cover topics specific to the emerging area of “Cyber”. Aimed at UK Government, Defence and their key suppliers, as with other sessions I can tailor the material to the specific needs of the group, whether covering current trends in cyber-offensive techniques, or the means to defend against them.

I can help Accreditors, Risk Owners and Senior Executives understand the nature of the emerging threats, helping support the development of organisational Cyber Strategies and to put Risk Management and Accreditation decisions in the right context.

IT Security Awareness Training and Employee Compliance Training

One of the fundamental requirements of compliance with any security standard (ISO/IEC 27001, Security Policy Framework, etc.) is that an appropriate level of security awareness needs to be instilled in all personnel within an organisation. I can provide security awareness sessions for your staff, perhaps as part of a rolling programme of updates, whether you require them to simply be aware of threats to information and systems, or have a more specific need (for example, Data Handling requirements or threat awareness).

These sessions usually work best in a small group, where the attendees will feel more relaxed and able to ask questions – I can deliver the required content to them in such a way that they don’t feel they are being “lectured to” or “told off”, often by interspersing my material with real-life anecdotes to illustrate important points.

I can also help if you need your staff to obtain Information Security certifications or qualifications, or simply need them to improve key skills in network security or Information Security management.

Tailoring your IT Security Awareness Programme

I would be delighted to design a Computer Security Awareness Programme for your specific needs. For example, if you would like me to train someone in your organisation who can then train groups, my education provision solution will be different from, say, if you would like me to provide educational materials your individual members of staff can work through at their own pace. I am entirely flexible, and capable of producing exactly what you need.

Trade Shows

If you are organising a public or trade event, and would like me to deliver a Cyber Security lecture or seminar, or simply need an expert for a Q&A panel, please see my Public & Private Speaking page.

Let me know your ideas

Contact me to discuss your requirements in more detail, or to arrange an initial meeting.

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